An Open Letter To All Pharmacy Students


Dear pharmacy students,

           We enrolled in a pharmacy school with different reasons. Some voluntarily chose this path while others were even forced. As we took the pharmacy course, we all already know that we must graduate and get that B.S. Pharmacy degree. That is our number one goal. We also know that graduating is not the end, our second goal is we still need to pass the board exam. These are our main goals as a pharmacy student. To graduate and to pass the board exam.

To all 1st year and 2nd year students

Most of your subjects right now are minor subjects right? There are only two things that I want to tell you:

  • First, enjoy those minor subjects. Because when you’re going to be a 3rd and 4th year student, you will surely miss these subjects. You can definitely say, “Sana P.E. nalang subjects ko ngayon. Kembut2x lang pasado na.” Enjoy and cherish the moments while you are still at this level. Because there is no turning back.
  • Second, do not take the subjects Pharmaceutical calculations and Pharmacokinetics for granted. You must all know the basics. And these are the most basic subjects that will build the foundation of knowledge that you will be needing in the board exam. You will definitely have a hard time passing the board exam if you find Pharmacology a hard subject. You will definitely have a hard time in Pharmacology if you don’t have a good background in Pharmacokinetics. In general, if you want to have a high chance of passing the board exam, excel in Pharmacology. If you want to excel in Pharmacology make sure you excel in Pharmacokinetics.

To all 3rd  year and 4th year students

               My dear 3rd years and 4th year students. Mga Ate at Kuya. Please be a good role model to the lower years. Make yourselves as their inspiration. I beg you to not cheat on the exams and quizzes or by merely just copying the assignments of your classmates. When you sit on those chairs on the day of the board exams, there will be moments while answering a question that you will remember,

  • That very moment while you were reading your notes. Your brain will have flashbacks, throwbacks etc. Yes, you will remember the times on how you reported those topics in front of the class and the steps that you performed during laboratories. So please, if you want a good chance to pass the board exam, do not take the quizzes, homework, and laboratory activities for granted.
  • Listen to your teachers. All the things my teachers told me when I was still a student are correct. Nagamit ko po. You will thank them someday.
  • Do not complain. Si Maam quiz na naman. Hala daghan na kaayu di na mada. My dear students, you took pharmacy. You have to live the life of a pharmacy student.
    • Sleepless nights.
    • Bankruptcy due to photocopies of notes.
    • Quizzes every day. But you have to understand that all of these things have a purpose. A purpose to prepare you for the board exam, and the life after the board exam. You will not fully understand the sense of these things right now, but when you see your name included on the list of board passers, you can definitely say,”Salamat sa mga quizzes ni Maam or Sir or Salamat di ako natulog nang gabing yun at napagaralan ko sya.”

                 My dear 3rd years and 4th year students. Please help the lower years. Guide them and share them your wisdom.Do not hesitate to help them when they need your help. Let us build relationships. In the end, life is all about building relationships.Think wisely of when you are going to take the board exam.  Decide with all your heart. And I want you all to understand that graduating and passing the board exam has never been because you are rich or poor. Graduating and passing the board exam has never been because you are smart or stupid. Graduating and passing the board exam has always been because of the person’s character, character towards time management and character towards self discipline.

Life is more than just passing the board exam. As what Larry Alton said, “Education & Experience Don’t Guarantee Success—Attitude & Habits Do.” So stop thinking things like,  “Nakaya rana  niya kay bright mana.” or, “Mukhang mahirap naman yan. Ayoko. Di ko kaya yan. Next semester ko nalang kukunin yan.”

               Always remember that you will never be able to do anything, unless you try. You will never know what you’re capable of, unless you do your best. We passed because we worked hard for it.  Not because we are just smart. We passed because in the very first place, we tried. If you want to be successful, you need to start it in yourselves.

         Failures will not make you a less of person that you are now.

       To all students who failed once or even several times, in some of the challenging subjects in the pharmacy curriculum: Please, don’t lose hope. It doesn’t mean you failed once or twice, you will fail all your chances for the rest of your life. Do not be afraid of failures. Do not let failures define who you are. Failures will not make you a less of person that you are now. As what Confucius said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.

             Let us talk about inspiration. I had a classmate who sometimes brings her daughter in our class just to balance her role as a student and as a mother. She also sells different products when she was still in college just to support the financial needs of her studies and her  Amidst these trials and circumstances, she graduated on time. Amidst these trials and circumstances, she took the board exam once and passed. My point here is, to all the students whose responsibilities are just going to classes, study, eat, sleep, and repeat: You don’t have the reasons to say, pagod naku mag aral.

If a mother and a student at the same time made it, what is your reason of not making it?

            I have classmates who took the board exam with family members in the ICU or his/her father is causing distraction to their review and preparation for the board exams. Still they prayed, studied hard, took the exam, and passed. So to all those students saying I can’t pass the subject because my lover broke up with me. Seriously? If those people passed the board exam with their family members dying, what is your reason of not making it?

             I want to share also my hardships and trials during my journey to becoming an RPh.  Being transferee in my 3rd year in college was a very challenging experience. First, I need to adapt to the environment. New faces, no friends, unfamiliar with the places and I was not that good in speaking the native language so there was really a lot of adjustments happened. Second, even though I graduated college without failing a single subject, my status here as I entered my new school was automatically tagged as IRREGULAR for the reason that the curriculum in my previous school is different to that of my new school. Talking about the life of an irregular student, let me tell you this. It is never easy. You will never understand the life of an irregular student unless you become one. So to all irregular students out there, saludo po ako sa inyo! Third, was, there’s no clear assurance if whether I can graduate on time because of the units I still have to complete, but thankfully I did. But my last semester had extra units on top of the normal units and at the same time I was still an irregular student. During my last semester, my subjects were lethal.I took the subjects Pharmacology 3, Clinical Pharmacy, toxicology, Seminar in the same semester. On top of these, I still have to complete our thesis and complete the remaining hours of my major internship. It was actually noxious and very stressful. I can still remember my last week’s here as a student. There was this day where in the morning I needed to defend our final thesis and in the afternoon, I needed to prepare for the OSCE. And if I can still remember a day before or after that was the mock board and the final clinical defense. Amidst all those things, my perseverance to graduate on time won. I made it, and was also awarded as best in OSCE in our batch, which was already a bonus in my part.

          “Nothing worth having comes easy. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.”

              Why am I saying this to all of you? Simple. If I made it. If I survived all those hardships in my studies, then there is no reason that you, my dear students cannot. If nakaya namin, I am sure makakaya din ninyo. My dear students, as what the famous saying says, “Nothing worth having comes easy. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.” Think about your  Your brothers. Your sisters. Think about all those people who love you and support you. Think about yourselves 5 or ten years from now. If you want a future that is bright, then make the present brighter.

                  If you want to earn a degree in B.S. Pharmacy. The recipe for this success is just one word. Study. If you want to pass the Pharmacy Licensure Examination. Again. Study hard but pray harder. But my dear students, there is a better recipe for success. Way better than studying.

This recipe will take you to a lot of places; places studying can’t send you.

Will make you achieve a lot of goals in the future. Achievements that studying cannot aid you.

A recipe that will make you the best that you can be in life.

And that recipe is called, CHARACTER.



Warm regards,





9 thoughts on “An Open Letter To All Pharmacy Students

  1. Becoming a Pharmacy student is difficult just as any other degree program.
    I’m a second year pharmacy student and things are starting to be tough, though I believe it’s just the beginning. A number of friends of mine were complaining and asking why the hell on earth they placed themselves in a pharma class.
    Honestly, I love to be part of the College of Pharmacy and to think that there are still much to come on our way must be a motivation rather than horror.
    Your words give courage and I am guilty that I am one of those students who complain every time na may quiz nanaman. I am also one of those students na the night before the exam/quiz lang nagrereview and I don’t think that should set a good example.


  2. Sobrang nakakarelate po ako. Sa mga sunud sunod na exams, thesis defend, duties na halos hindi mo na alam ang gagawin. na halos mabaliw kana at magmuka ka ng zombie kasi kulang ka sa tulog at pahinga. Kakagraduate ko lang po last March 19, thanked GOD nakasurvive ako. Pero Alam ko po mas mahirap pa ang kakaharapin ko. Ang BOARD EXAM. In JESUS name kakayanin ko po. Pls pray for me po. Thankyou and GODBLESS. RPhsoon 🙂


  3. Wow just read your blog. It is indeed very inspiring. Quick question here when will you continue your tips to ace board exam? Hehe it is such a nice read. Please continue it for all modules! I really hope to learn a lot from you. Thank you so much!☺️☺️


  4. Reblogged this on Sweet Serendipity and commented:
    Ngayon pa nga lang ramdam ko na yung pressure kasi mataas yung expectation ng mga prof ko. Ayos lang mapuyat, mamulubi sa hand-out, projects, need na materials sa lab etc. Kasi lahat ng yun ay magiging worth it!! Magiging RPh din ako. 2 years na lang 💙


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